all for one

Here we are. That’s me, my wife Alyssa, and our two kids, Thomas and Jacob. We are excited to be finishing up here at Washington State University and heading out on a new adventure. I am currently a PhD Candidate [Economics] and a graduate research assistant at Washington State University. I am an economist with extensive training in economics and statistics, including the ‘necessary and sufficient’ skills in computer science to solve complex problems. My research interests are in applied microeconomics, applied econometrics, and behavioral economics.

A little background

I was born and raised in California. After high school, I left to study as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, eventually deciding to major in Economics. I took two years off from university studies to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St. Petersburg, Russia. A few weeks after graduating from BYU, I started in the Revenue Management Department at US Airways (currently American Airlines).

After less than a year at US Airways, we left so that I could start work on a PhD in Economics at Washington State University. Along the way, I opted to fine-tune my statistical skills culminating in a master’s degree in Statistics in 2016 (also from WSU). I am currently on the job market.